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Waco City Map

The below is a summary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Dedication held May 15, 2004. It would be impossible to thank each person that had a hand in putting this program together. However there are several that should be mentioned if for no other reason that without them and their tireless work the Dedication would not have been possible. They are: Manuel Sustaita

John Householder

Dr. Mike O'Bric

Robert Gamboa

Robert Carter

The City of Waco and its employees

McLennan County and its employees

and several hundreds more that there is not enough room to list. You know who you are and you know what you did, you are truly the unsung heroes of this event.

G-d Bless everyone who helped and G-d Bless America and her Commander in Chief and the Troops who stand on that wall to protect us in this time of war.


MAY 15, 2004 - 10:30 AM
Gathering: Patriotic Music and Military Fly-over Mr. Brian Pardo U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot Vietnam Veteran Military Fly - Over

CALL TO ORDER: Bagpipes and Drums Danny Kohl, Vietnam Veteran United States Army

Master of Ceremonies: Robert Gamboa, Vietnam Veteran, Army

Raising The Flag: United States Navy Color Guard

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Robert Harold, Vietnam Veteran, Army

WELCOME: Representative Chet Edwards United States Representative

11th. Congressional District

POSTING FLAGS: Bill Mahon, Veteran, United States Army McLennan County Veterans Assn.

Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Prisoner of War / MIA

RECOGNITION: Don Matthews-Memorial Design

Wallace Group - Bob Wallace, President

Jed Walker, Engineer

George Jezek, Architect

Joe Phipps Family

State Representative John Mabry

TRIBUTE: Presentation of Memorial Wreath

Central Texas Special Forces Assn. Chapter 77

GUEST SPEAKER: John Householder, Vietnam Veteran Army

Richard Cayton, Command Sergeant Major of the Army (ret.) Vietnam Veteran PRESENTATIONS: JaneGray Williams- Family Representative

Readers: Guy D. Cox, Vietnam Veteran USMC

Antonio Pina, Vietnam Veteran, USMC

AWARD TO THE CITY: Manuel Sustaita, Vietnam Veteran, USMC

City of Waco Mayor Linda Ethridge

ECHO TAPS: Bill Hall, Veteran, United States Air Force

Robert Fuller, Veteran, United States Army/Cavalry

FLAGS TO HALF MAST: U.S. Army Color Guard

Rifle Salute: United States Marine Corps Honor Guard

Bagpipes and Drums Bill Kohl, Vietnam Veteran, Army "Bells of Dunblane"

BENEDICTION: Chaplain William Moody, United States Navy, Good Soldiers Foundation, Marine Corps League

CLOSING: Bagpipes and Drums Danny Kohl, Vietnam Veteran, Army



Manuel Sustaita, President

John Householder, Vice President

Brenda Sanders, Secretary

Sandy Culverhouse, Treasurer

Guy Cox, Director

Sarah Green, Director

Elwain Davis, Director

Marcy White, Director


City of Waco -Linda Etheridge, Mayor

Larry Groth, City Manage

Don Matthews, Memorial Designer

Wallace Group -Bob Wallace, President

Jed Walker, Engil

George Jezek –Architect

Joe Phipps Family- Granite Memorial

Waco Today Magazine

Waco Tribune-Herald Newspaper

Time Warner Cable -Memorial Wreath

Doug Fitzjarrell- Photographer


George Johnson -Assistant City Manager

Larry Holze -Public Information Officer

Rusty Black -Directol; Parks and Recreation

Liz Taylor- Waco Convention Center

Glen Seely –Security

Vic Felts -Transportation Coordinator

Sandra Henry- Women Veterans

Robert Gamboa -Master of Ceremonies

Mike O'Bric- Event Coordinator

SSgt. E. z. Padron- Young Marines

Click on the link above for a map of downtown Waco.

All events will take place at the Memorial located at University Parks Drive and Washington Ave. Across the Street from the Waco Convention Center next to the Waco Suspension Bridge.

1-mile west of I-35 and University Parks Drive.

Terrance D. Adams

1. Mickey Adams 2. Daughter

Rocky D. Armstead

1. Ronda Englander 2. Louis Englander

Hugh V. Best

1. Robert A. Curtis 2. Samuel C. Gravell

Albert N. Booker

1. Jack Lane 2. A Vietnam Vet

Donald G. Brown

1. Ann Brown 2. George Brown

Willard M. Collins

1. Mary Collins 2. Chris (CC) Collins

Melvin E. Cooks

1. Fannie Evans 2. Alice Pollard

Thomas Cotton, III

1. Family Member 2. Family Member

Juan Alonso Covarrubias

1. Juan Covarrubias 2. Tammy Valadez

Anthony E. Currie

1. Henry Kasper 2. A Vietnam Vet

Stephen A. Daniel

1. A Vietnam Vet 2. A Vietnam Vet

Curtis C. Dees

1. David E. Sloan 2. A Vietnam Vet

Glenn Henry Dusbabek

1. Master Sergeant Henry Gonazales III USMC Retired / Tom Hutyra 2. Carolyn Stem Range

John Robert Dusbabek

1. Tom Hutyra 2. Jerry Hutyra

Wallace S. Dworaczyk

1. Mike Boddy 2. Connie Boddy

Willie E. Elsenburg

1. Mo Bryant 2. A Vietnam Vet

Dalton M. Estein

1. Anna Estein 2. Dalton Estein

James R. Fedro, Sr.

1. A Vietnam Vet 2. A Vietnam Vet

Ronald C. Forsbach

1. Carl Roman Mendoza 2. Rheba Bradshaw

Bobby G. Frost

1. Jim Hamby 2. Barbara Hamby

Leroy Garrett, Jr.

1. Robert E. Byrd 2. A Vietnam Vet

Harlon J. Gilmore

1. Frances Gilmore 2. Stephen Gilmore

Charles W. Gober, Jr.

1. A Vietnam Vet 2. A Vietnam Vet

Bobby G. Goldhagen

1. Mary J. Marek 2. Lisa A. Merek

Robert E. Green

1. Sarah Green 2. Terry Holbrook

Monroe Greer

1. Roger D. Sturdevant 2. Debra Sturdevant

Benny G. Hack

1. Master Sergeant Henry Gonzales III USMC (ret.) 2. Ssgt. EZ Padron

Melvin Hazley

1. Mary Hazley 2. Sharon Boyd

Nathaniel Haliburton, Jr.

1. Laverne Person 2. Family Member

James B. Hansard

1. Tommy Baird 2. A Vietnam Vet

Willie G. Hawkins, Jr.

1. Family Member 2. Family Member

Antonio Jiminez

1. Evangelina Jiminez 2. Pauline Howard

Herbert L. Johnson

1. John "Doc" Foster USN (ret.) 2. John Sprage

Donald R. Johnson

1. David R. Bryrd 2. Arthur E. Jackson

Kenneth R. Jones

1. Al Ramirez 2. A Vietnam Vet

Gordon L. Lawrence

1. Jimmy W. Jones 2. A Vietnam Vet

Leslie A. Lewis

1. Mrs. Lewis 2. Family Member

William W. Malone

1. Bill Morris 2. A Vietnam Vet

Jimmy C. McCarter

1. Polly McCarter William 2. A Vietnam Vet

William D. McClain

1. George Caffee 2. A Vietnam Vet

Ray E. McCune

1. Ray E. McCune Jr. 2. Widow or Grandson

Roy D. McLennan

1. Mrs. McLennan 2. Family Member

Carl L. Meier

1. Sandy Berget 2. Dane Richburg

Malcolm E. Mitchell

1. Steve Smith 2. Robert Smith

Henry C. Ramsey

1. Hugh Davis 2. A Vietnam Vet

Kevin A. Rinard

1. Andrew Skop 2. A Vietnam Vet

Pedro S. Rodriquez, Jr.

1. Marcela Rodriquez 2. Rick Rodriquez

Joseph P. Seymoe

1. A Vietnam Vet 2. A Vietnam Vet

Leon Simms

1. Leslie Woodson 2. Family Member

Paul D. Skelton, II

1. Martha Skelton Stillwell 2. Stephanie Paulette Skelton Ramos 3. Elijah Paul Romos-Grandson

Paul L. Smith

1. A Vietnam Vet 2. A Vietnam Vet

Tommy D. Smith

1. Ester Smith 2. Pam Smith

Robert L. Springer

1. James "Jim" Springer 2. Mary Darst

Teddy James Tomchesson

1. Al Tomchesson 2. Helen Hays

Ronald B. Vann

1. A Vietnam Vet 2. A Vietnam Vet

Ralph Voss

1. A Vietnam Vet 2. A Vietnam Vet

Raymond J. Vrba, Jr.

1. Raymond J. Vrba III 2. Sandy Pullman

Jerry G. Weatherford

1. Jerri Eason 2. Karen Burch

Robert L. West

1. Jess Torres 2. A Vietnam Vet

Oscar Lee Wheeler

1. Milton Mitchell 2. Family Member

Calvin W. Wilkins

1. Clayton Hueske 2. A Vietnam Vet

Bruce R. Williams

1. Jane Gray Williams 2. Karl E. Miller

David Williams

1. A Vietnam Vet 2. A Vietnam Vet

Robert F. Woods

1. A Vietnam Vet 2. A Vietnam Vet

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